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WANTED:URGENT! URGENT! Air Traffic Control Instructors (Approach and Area Procedural for Baghdad)

Great Rate of Pay and safe secure pleasant accomodation (All paid for)  e- mail: olifar@gmail.com



Take Off Jobs have the big reach  in aviation jobs placements inclusive but not limited to :


Air Traffic Controllers: Operational  .. Instructors ..  OJTI



AIS officers ...  Aircraft engineers ..  Aviation managers


Airline jobs:

Pilots ...  Ground and check - in staff ...   Operations/Flight Dispatchers



Take Off Jobs  provides a professional personalised service to both Employers and Candidates from a team of experienced aviation and human resources experts. Candidates are carefully matched with their skills licensing and experience.



Please be made aware we do not make or provide a dedicated immigration advisory services it is the the reponsibility of the potential employer and employee to make sure they abide by the employment regulations of individual countries.(Please refer to our resources page)




Offices and representatives in United Kingdom and   South Africa 



Registered company England and Wales 7006268



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